EZ-GO is a super user-friendly and visual platform that supports your operators

The EZ-GO platform is designed to be intuitive and simple to use. It helps you to improve overall performance, and to solve common problems in factories.

Empower operators and take the lead in continuous improvement by digitizing operations in one integrated platform

The EZ-GO platform focuses on continuous improvement in production environments. It is a mobile solution with a visual app that is used in factories to digitize checklists, audits and first line maintenance tasks. It also offers the possibility to set up work instructions and it motivates operators to suggest improvements.

The platform is designed for a variety of employees working in a production environment. It meets the needs of employees such as operators, production managers, mechanics, lean managers and team leaders. The EZ-GO platform lets you replace outdated paper forms, improve safety, hygiene and efficiency in the workplace, and enhances the daily work experience of your operators.

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Improve safety on the production floor with visualized audits

A safe working environment is essential to prevent accidents. You will find checklists and audits on the EZ-GO platform. They help you to easily perform safety audits, 5S audits, or to request a LOTOTO checklist.
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Guarantee the quality of your product with standardized checklist and forms

Do you want to guarantee the highest quality products for your customers? Then you need to continuously maintain the fundamental conditions of your production environment. The EZ-GO platform lets you create visualized recurring core tasks and checklists for quality inspections at critical junctures. That way, you can guarantee the quality of your products, not only to your customers, but to supervisory authorities as well.
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Increase line efficiency with autonomous maintenance tasks

Malfunctions and short stops cause you to lose valuable production time. That is why it is important to perform firsthand maintenance. The EZ-GO platform empowers operators, increases their feeling of ownership of the machinery and provides them with the tools to perform firsthand maintenance autonomously. This reduces downtime and increases efficiency: a win-win situation.
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Improve your employees’ capabilities through on-the-job-training

Standardize the way an operator works by using digital checklists (with detailed imagery). This guarantees that start-ups, product changes and safety procedures are always done according to the standards you establish. The platform also has detailed work instructions, which increase the knowledge and skill of your operators. EZ-GO helps you to save valuable production time, improves capabilities and empowers new employees.
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