EZ Factory: “Making software is simple, but the most difficult thing there is, is making simple software”

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Robert Bouwman (Co-Founder / Co-Ceo) Randy Appiah (Co-Founder / Co-Ceo)

The beginning

The first version of the EZ-GO platform was developed in 2017, by Randy Appiah and Robert Bouwman. “We wanted to help operators in factories by making their daily work easier, more fun and efficient”, explains Robert. ”Use of paper forms, checklists etcetera is still widespread, but this can be done differently”, Randy adds. “That’s why we sat around the table with operators from different factories, to discuss what the mobile and visual app should look like. Now they have everything combined in one device. They can check in the app what they have to do that day, how they should do it and when they need to do it.”

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Our way of working

We are eager to help you improve the daily work in your factory. And we can do that because we know the industry by heart. With the help of our user-friendly mobile and visual platform, every operator knows what he or she needs to do, when to do it and how to do it. With a few clicks we visualize the work.

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We have developed the EZ-GO platform in cooperation with operators from renowned companies. They told us what they needed and together with a designer we translated that into an user-friendly platform. With key elements like videos and images the EZ-GO platform is easy use: you log in and immediately see what your core tasks will be for that day. This improves safety, quality and efficiency.

A lot of companies are already working with the EZ-GO platform. Our clients are multinationals and SMEs. From operator to director: everyone is enthusiastic. All our clients are excited to keep using the platform after a trial period, and they independently roll out EZ-GO to other production lines and locations We always put the interests of our clients first, work side by side with them and help them to determine and achieve success factors.

We want to make daily work more easy and more fun, with the help of our standardized processes and our visual platform. Our focus on operators is what makes EZ-GO unique. Our slogan is: ”Power to the Operator!”. This is the man or woman on the factory floor who performs the tasks and can identify where and how processes may be optimized after all. That’s why our goal is to make their daily work easy and the operator happy!